Dr. Nayana, Ayurvedic Doctor

I am a busy Ayurvedic practitioner travelling around Europe to different countries conducting retreats and workshops.On one such tours in Switzerland , I was totally exhausted and tired due to 2 months of nonstop work and I was offered a session of watsu with Nina my dearest friend whom I consider as a sister.I did not know what to expect and went to the session with a open mind as I knew that I have been on the giving side all my life in the field of healing and it was definitely the right time to receive healing and rejuvenate my energy levels .The beauty of my session with Nina is that she made me so comfortable and relaxed that I totally forgot that I was in the pool with her.

I felt so energetic and felt as if all the tiredness just disappeared and I felt like a new person. The session was conducted in a highly professional manner and Nina has complete command over the situation.I would really want as many people as possible to undergo Watsu therapy with Nina and benefit from it .I would say that in today's day to day stressful life it will be a gift of rejuvenated life you would be giving yourself .Health is wealth and a healthy body and mind needs proper care and nourishment and time to heal which would be all possible with Watsu sessions.
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