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Water Shiatsu - WATSU - 35°

Water Shiatsu is a wonderful and light body therapy that takes you on a journey to your inner being. Blockages on a physical and psychological level are released. With this treatment you will gain a weightless feeling and thus a state of deep relaxation and surrender.
A lasting liberation of your musculoskeletal system takes place, as well as the harmonization of your life energies. Many also report a calming of the mind.

With gentle, yoga-based stretching, the meridians are treated,the joints are mobilized and the organs are strengthened.
New impulses are breathed into your body.
Reverse postures and stretches improve the range of motion and mobility. Old patterns of movement can be let go.
In the water, the spine can also be moved in a three-dimensional way without gravity, activation of deeper breathing and general deep relaxation comes into play.


I invite you to surrender in order to receive the healing power and the message of the water.


Let go of the structures of everyday life.
Just to be and not to do.


Shiatsu, physiotherapy and manual therapy combine in my method in the water.

A dreamy dance of dynamism into silence and vice versa emerges.

The water massage can relieve symptoms of stress, arthritic pain, and back pain.
In the case of trauma, insomnia and migraines, it can also bring healing and support physical and mental rehabilitation after an operation.
Water Shiatsu is highly valued during pregnancy and in preparation for childbirth.
Expecting mothers always report very positively about their experience in the water. This additionally positively affects their unborn child. Heavy legs, swellings and general states of fatigue, that may occur during pregnancy, can thus be remedied.

Here again are the most important points in the application of water treatment:

  • Trauma
  • Stress symptoms such as restlessness, insomnia, fatigue, anxiety
  • Arthritic pain
  • Back pain
  • Tension, crooked pelvis, shoulders, etc.
  • Pregnancy, childbirth preparation
  • Rehabilitation after operations
  • migraine

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Duration and prices
Initial treatment about 90 minutes including anamnesis discussion
Duration of treatment approx. 60 min
Price per treatment 140.- including admission to the bath

Please bring your bathing suit / swimming trunks / bikini and a bath towel with you to the treatment.

You can talk after the treatment, but you don't have to.

Lingering in silence for a while enables a deeper, more lasting experience and result.


About Me

mindful, present, emphatic, intuitiv


My interest in the healing arts was awakened on my travels.
Movement, dance and sport, as well as creative, manual work have always been central to me.
I started practicing yoga in India a good 14 years ago. Meditation also came closer to me at this point. It sparked my interest in the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda, which also includes yoga and massages.
In 2007, also in India, I got my first water Shiatsu treatment. From this inner journey, which I experienced during the treatment, so fascinating and enthralling, I immediately knew: This is my calling. My thing.
The fire was kindled.
From then on, another learning process started when I completed my training as an aquatic therapist.
This led me to various countries, which was a great enrichment for my life and consciousness.
In-depth work and learning on land in the field of conventional medicine (anatomy / pathology / organ systems), as well as the old teaching of classic Shiatsu followed.
I also acquired other techniques such as classic massage, Ayurvedic oil massage and LomiLomi, the Hawaiian temple massage.
I am currently doing a training as an Ayurvedic Lifestyle Coach, a path that I am very passionate about and I am always happy to keep you up to date on further achievements and new ideas on my platform.
I have been the mother of two wonderful and lively sons since 2012 and 2014. We live together in the city of Zurich.



2007 First contact with water shiatsu and yoga / various body work, energy work and meditation
since 2008 learning / practicing water shiatsu
2008 classic massage
2009 Shiatsu
2010 Lomilomi, Hawaiian temple massage
2010 Ayuvedic oil massage
2009-2016 work in the hammam massage team in the old town of Zurich
Since 2013 member of the water therapy pool Wiedikon - Züribad.
Summer 2021 Start of the Ayurveda Lifestyle Coach training

Nina Henne
8004 Zurich